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Let us know your expectations, schedule and budget to propose alternatives during your visit to Holbox.

  • Fishing (cookink catch of the day)
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  • Bikes
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  • We have personalized dinners by our Chef and friend Gonzálo Magaña.
Isla Holbox Mexico.


Alojamiento en cómodas habitaciones de hotel con categoría turística. Cómodas casas de campaña.


Productos frescos del mar con ingredientes de calidad desde las 7 de la mañana los 365 días del año


Visita lugares históricos y privilegiados por su belleza, incluimos alimentos y bebidas


Desde la planeación de tu visita, nos gustaría ayudar con información de las fiestas y eventos de temporada

Holbox island concierge with tips to save money


Let us know when y wich are your plan at the island. HolboxIsla.com offer multiple and flexible options from 1 to 5 millon stars nigth


Find fresh and quality at Holbox Island is easy, remember there is no fast vehicles and time is money with family or friends


I like you suggest Cabo Catoche with Albert Vázquez, fisherman of El Faro enjoying catch of the day with cocktails


Once you´ve dream Holbox Island recive regards on your future plans, maybe live here!

Holbox nautique tours


It was a time of conquest and adventure, when the winds of fate blew a man named Gonzalo Guerrero onto the shores of Mexico. A seasoned sailor, he had set sail from the Old World in search of gold and glory, but little did he know that his journey would lead him to a destiny far greater than any treasure.

Isla Holbox Mexico. Cabo Catoche Tours all inclusive

Gonzalo was shipwrecked on the coast of Yucatan, and taken captive by the Mayans. They saw in him a strong and fearless warrior, and offered him a choice: to die or to join them. He chose the latter, and soon became a respected leader among the Mayans, earning the name of a mixteca warrior “Cuauhtémoc”, meaning “Descending Sun”.

Gonzalo soon found himself caught up in the fierce battles between the Mayans and the Spanish conquistadors. He fought alongside his adopted people with all his might, but in the end, the superior weapons and tactics of the invaders proved too much.

Despite the defeat, Gonzalo’s name lived on. He had found a new family among the Mayans, and had even fathered three children with a Mayan woman named Zazil Ha. His legacy lived on through his descendants, who still inhabit the region today.

Gonzalo Guerrero’s story is a tale of a man who transcended the boundaries of race and culture, and found a new identity in a strange and unfamiliar land. It is a story of love and loyalty, of adventure and destiny, and of the enduring human spirit.

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April 24

Isla Holbox México

Free Salsa lessons

We see you at “Hot corner” with some tips about wheater, food, mexican beer, mezcal & tequila ¿Margarita + Dobel Maestro?
From 10:30 p.m. to midnight

Isla Holbox Mexico

Fire nigth

Main street & Caribbean Ocean at 9 p.m.

Don´t forget repelent & ask for alcaldia´s toillet & enjoy the night.

Isla Holbox

Are you still on?

If catch of the day leave some energy, at 3 a.m. Black Trebol + Sunrise party with all the languages known all over the world.

We help travelers

Marina Holbox is a nautique 5 star service with food, drinks & toys.

Let the crew do what they enjoy at the best: Cooking fresh catch of the day with amenities and special places to instagram a remember.

Travel with locals


We love Ocean and like to be with kids for scuba dive lessons with locals who show their own family love for “Pachamama” (Mother earth).


Guarantee of having tourism civil liability insurance and offering an equitable commercial deal with the community, ensuring the return of our guests


Our hotel, marina and restaurant allow us to have reliable human capital with excellent social and commercial references

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